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HBO Deals Keep Fox, Universal Out of New iCloud Movie Service

As widely predicted, Apple has updated its Apple TV accessory. This isn’t an overhaul but an update: The new box offers better resolution and software upgrades.

The new device will support video in 1080p, and Apple will now allow users to redownload movies they’ve already purchased from iTunes, like they’ve already been able to do with TV shows, via Apple’s iCloud service.

AppleTV in 1080p! The best solution for streaming media is still a Mac Mini running Plex, however.

Showtime Says It Will Pull Some Shows Off Netflix | AllThingsD

Showtime says shows it is still airing, like Dexter and Californication, will no longer be available on Netflix. The move comes a few days after Netflix announced it would pay for first-run rights to House Of Cards — the kind of show you’d normally expect to see on Showtime or Time Warner’s HBO.

I’m afraid this is a conscious decision to limit the attractiveness of the VOD/delivery service. I fear we’ll see other studios follow suit, as they realize just how powerful Netflix will become once it starts producing original content, and amassing great content from other production houses, cheap.