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Verizon quietly begins throttling data as iPhone launch looms

Verizon has quietly begun throttling the wireless connections of its heaviest data users, the company revealed in a PDF buried on its website (hat tip to BGR). The document explains that Verizon has begun two new network management practices in order to “provide the best experience to our more than 94 million customers,” and that they go into effect starting today, February 3.

Another point of note is Verizon’s position on the latest net neutrality rules. The company sued the Federal Communications Commission last month to block the rules from taking effect, even though they are comparatively light on wireless communications. Still, with the decision to throttle heavy data users, Verizon is obeying what’s outlined in the FCC rules by making sure the implementation is site- and content-agnostic, as well as by being transparent about its practices. The company knows that the move isn’t likely to be popular, so it’s trying to offer as much information as it can so that users can understand better what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m still standing in line at 6AM to get my new Veriphone! I at least appreciate their transparency about the change.

Google & Verizon Propose Enforceable Net Neutrality

I love it when the mainstream media gets whiff of closed-door meetings, creates a story out of their worst fears, then finds out the meeting was convened to discuss the exact opposite of the reported story. I love it, except when I believe the “Rumor News” and start to distrust Google.

Sorry Google; don’t be evil to me!