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WikiLeaks Archive – China’s Battle With Google

China: “The Web is fundamentally controllable.”

Click-through for the entire, excellent article. This a must-read for anyone concerned about internet privacy, international diplomacy, and what real terrorism looks like.  And why Wikileaks is an absolutely necessary component of today’s media landscape.

WikiLeaks Archive — Cables Uncloak U.S. Diplomacy

The disclosure of the cables is sending shudders through the diplomatic establishment, and could strain relations with some countries, influencing international affairs in ways that are impossible to predict.

The White House said the release of what it called “stolen cables” to several publications was a “reckless and dangerous action” and warned that some cables, if released in full, could disrupt American operations abroad and put the work and even lives of confidential sources of American diplomats at risk. The statement noted that reports often include “candid and often incomplete information” whose disclosure could “deeply impact not only U.S. foreign policy interests, but those of our allies and friends around the world.”

Is this really terrorism? It’s thinking you can keep hundreds of thousands of messages private in this day and age is the absurd part – and that’s entirely bad planning on our end. Especially, when the documents reveal disturbingly Machiavellian plots, to – for example – force our Abmassadors to collect biometric and other private data about the people they’re supposed to have above-board diplomatic relationships with.  That, to me, seems reckless and dangerous.

Who’s prosecuting Condoleeza and Hillary for forcing Federal employees to essentially break international law by acting as spies on our own Embassy soil?