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Google Docs is Being Swallowed by Google Drive

Google always pitched Google Drive, which launched in April after a considerable period of hype, as a replacement for Google Docs. What many users didn’t realize, it seems, is that Google will indeed completely replace Google Docs with Drive later this year. While Drive is still opt-in at this time, it looks like the forced transition is coming soon, as Google has started to alert users that their Google Docs account will soon be “upgraded to Google Drive.”

What’s coming next, according to Google’s official transition documents, is an opt-out phase similar to what the company has done when it transitioned to the new Gmail interface recently. Judging from the messages that many users are now seeing in Google Docs, this phase is going to start soon.

Finally, Google says, “users will be fully transitioned to Google Drive, with no ability to opt out.” Overall, Google expects the transition from what it calls the “Google Documents List” to Google Drive by late summer 2012.

via techcrunch.com

Mountain Lion vs. Windows 8: Oh, So Very Different

Between Lion and Mountain Lion, Apple is cramming OS X with ideas borrowed from iOS: the Launchpad, the App Store, full-screen mode, AirPlay, Messages, Notes, Reminders and much more. It’s also making iOS-like gestures, which you perform on Macs’ oversized touch pads, more and more important.

But for all the sweeping iOS influence, Apple is leaving plenty of stuff alone. OS X’s Dock, desktop, menu bar and windows are largely untouched in Mountain Lion. That’s both good and bad: They remain utterly familiar, but you might be sorry that Apple didn’t give them more TLC if the company’s fascination with iOS-ification doesn’t appeal to you.

And then there’s Windows 8. With the touch-centric Metro interface, Microsoft is starting from scratch. It’s built a radically new look and feel and added new features, and expects developers and users to make a great leap forward. Support for old-school Windows is still there, but it’s been shunted off to one side. It’s a necessary acknowledgement that Microsoft couldn’t simply do away with the Windows we’ve known for 26 years overnight.

Siri will chip away at Google’s mobile search business (via @arstechnica)

Think of all the times you’ve found yourself Googling stuff on your iPhone to settle a friendly debate with friends about a movie or athlete. There are a million things mobile users query Google about every day on their phones, but I theoretically could have used Siri to look up that entire list for me, and with much less effort on my part.

For Google, this is not good news.

Google recently stated during its testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee that a whopping two-thirds of its mobile search traffic comes from iOS devices. If even half of those users eventually migrate over to Siri for the majority of their basic inquiries from their iPhones, Google’s mobile search business could find itself in flux. When roughly 66 percent of your mobile search traffic comes from a platform that now has an “intelligent assistant” making its own queries without the help of Google, a strategy change may be in the cards sooner than later. So far, Google is remaining mum on Siri.

Siri: Apple’s secret software ninja? Sneaks in through your phone, ends up taking over your life. In such a nice way.

Complete roundup of iProduct updates, specs, and release dates (via @engadget)

Apple’s done its fair share of introducing today, and now it’s on us to distill everything down into something understandable by folks who don’t have the time to pore over every single morsel of iPhone and iOS 5-related news oozing from Cupertino. You can relive our liveblog right here — for everything else, [follow the link] below.

A well-formatted summary of all the changes to the iProducts line, including iOS5.