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‘America By Heart,’ New Sarah Palin Book: What You Need To Know

Sarah Palin’s new book, “America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag” hits the shelves Tuesday, in an event that is sure to enliven an otherwise slow political week.

Perhaps the most defining feature of “America by Heart” is Palin’s capacity to boil down complicated political battles into pure political simplicity. The Cold War, for example, was won because “the differences between the United States and the Soviet Union were real — and consequential” and “one of those differences was a belief in God.” Opposition to an Islamic Cultural Center in downtown Manhattan, meanwhile, was hardly an exercise in religious intolerance. “[I]t’s what our Founders called ‘a decent respect for the opinions of mankind’ — or in this case their fellow Americans.” America’s problems, in the end, are partially due to the fact that “we may be creating a generation of entitled little whiners.”

I’m not sure if this can technically be called “literature” – it would probably be correctly filed under “propaganda,” given her (ghost writer’s) stubborn insistence on writing with extremely careful manipulation of facts and well-documented events. You might even find it in the Young Adult section.  Grab some popcorn and treat it like a cheap flick.