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I’m a fan of anything that looks like a mashup of Wall-E, Johnny 5, and a Segway, but I think this company is a little too optimistic about our ability to interface with 5-foot-tall robots.  If I was in a meeting with one of these things, I’d be oscillating between poking at it and wanting to break it in half.  Plus, I just don’t think I could stare into one’s eye bulbs as it delivered a speech without reverting to laughter, or trade business cards with it at a mixer.  The biggest hurdle I see is its inability to actually sign a document, probably the single most important purely physical function required in a business setting.

What do you think, could you work with someone you know via one of these proxy avatars?

Amazing Innovation: Mobile Apps for the Disabled

a new mobile application being developed by Nokia would allow a disabled person to select a contact from a list and place a phone call to that person using only their mind.

Talk about media expanding our capabilities beyond the limited human body. Surpassing the novelty of Vuvuzela apps, touchscreen games, and mobile indecent exposure via ChatRoulette, smartphone apps have a new calling: expanding and enhancing the biological imitations of our fleshy, dying bodies. These technologies are quickly redefining not just how we relate to each other, but increasingly, how we relate to our own bodies as well.

Have a smartphone? You’re a cyborg.