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Quick Takeaways From Facebook’s Messaging Event

Facebook is aiming to streamline communication between two people by aggregating all your messaging across SMS, external email, Facebook private messages, and Facebook chat, into one threaded conversation, which can be delivered to any number of outlets.

The overall goal is to make people feel even more connected, overcoming some of the fragmentation we live with when using multiple communication platforms. 

How you choose to receive messages can vary based on who you’re talking with. (Text-heavy tweens can get everything by text; choose to receive updates from your business partner only by email, or your hubby everywhere).

Everyone can now own a custom email address at the Facebook.com domain.  Your Facebook.com email address will be based on your custom Facebook Profile URL.  If you haven’t set one up yet, definitely set one up ASAP.  However, it’s not necessary to use the custom Facebook email.

This sits on top of, and is apprently compatible with, most other email clients, so it is in no way a “Gmail Killer”.  Similarly, you can use this tool to communicate with non-Facebook users.  However, when you communicate with people who aren’t in your Facebook social graph, you’ll have to specify that they should be added (to separate them from spam).  It’s unclear what Facebook does with this kind of “data” and both Zuck and Boz danced around the multiple iterations of this question from the audience.

No filtering of conversations within threaded messages.  All your mom’s LOLcat emails will come right on through.

Messages can be deleted on your side, but not on your audience’s side. (If I understood Zuck’s horrible public speaking correctly)

IMAP protocols will be coming.

There will be the option to forward messages, so it’s unclear exactly how “private” your “private” conversation will be.  The “limits” the system uses to determine who is spamming and who is real, are draconian and invisible. “If you’re using it for the wrong reasons, you’ll hit the limits quickly.” 

Ads: “Will content inside conversations be scrapable for advertisers?”  Yes.  Rather than addresss the obvious issue of privacy, Zuck tries to sell us once again on the idea that his advertising is the good kind.