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Paramount Pictures, BitTorrent team up to distribute feature film [Engadget]

One scheme that recently piqued our interest was concocted by the folks at Distracted Media. The Australian company is crowdsourcing its latest production, The Tunnel (not to be confused with Chunnel: 32 Miles of Danger) by selling individual frames for a buck a pop. Of course, “owning” a frame gives you nothing more than the opportunity to say that you helped an indie filmmaker out, but it’s a worthwhile cause. And at 135,000 frames that’s a lot of dollars! When the film is done, it will be distributed via BitTorrent for free — alongside an actual DVD release by Paramount Pictures which, when you think about how reluctant Hollywood has been to embrace the internet, is pretty wild.

I wonder if Paramount will be prosecuting and selling to their customers simultaneously?

Prediction: the ‘frames’ are a ruse to get you to hand over your name for a p2p watch list.

iMovie And Garageband For iOS Announced, Looks Good On iPad 2

Today, Apple announced new versions of iMovie and Garage band for iOS 4.3. Apple says they have set the bar high for devs with the release of the two apps and hope devs build on what they’ve seen in Apple’s programming capabilities.

iMovie on iPad gets a bunch of the same features found in the OS X version. Precision editor, multitrack audio recording, new themes, AirPlay to Apple TV, and sharing of HD videos are just some of the features included. It’s going to cost $4.99 when it releases March 11th.

…and so the iPad becomes a media production device, not just a vehicle for consumption. I’m going to lobby my film school to adopt a herd of these puppies.

Oldboy Director Park Chan-wook Shoots His Latest Film on the iPhone

Well-known South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook has shot his latest film entirely on the iPhone 4. The 30-minute short “Paranmanjang,” Korean for “ups and downs,” is fantasy-horror film about a middle-age man who catches a woman’s body while fishing in the middle of the night.

Despite some of the limitations of the iPhone camera, Park said that the device worked well for the filmmaking. The main difference, he said, was the size and portability of the “camera.” Park told The Guardian that “the new technology creates strange effects because it is new and because it is a medium the audience is used to.”