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Rumor: Google Wants Hulu Really, Really Bad

All Things D’s Peter Kafka says that Google is willing to offer significantly more than what Amazon, Yahoo or Dish Network would be willing to offer in the bidding war for Hulu. But they also want more than what’s being offered.

I’m not sure I want the top two video distrubtion portals both run by Google. That sounds kinda scary. But is this what it will take to save Hulu?

Fox Pulls Back Web Video, Encourages Piracy

It’s perfectly logical for the TV networks to try to lock up their shows online.

Except for the part about it not working.

On Aug. 15, Fox will stop distributing its shows on Hulu and Fox.com a day after they air, and will make most Web surfers wait eight days to see them. The only legal way around this, for now, is to pay for a subscription to either the Dish Network or Hulu Plus.

Steering your customers away from ad-laden content, to un-authorized streaming sites. News Corp is winning my “Archaic Stick-in-the-Mud Corporation Award” for the year.

In NBC Deal, Comcast Gives Up Management Role at Hulu – NYTimes.com

In its successful bid to acquire NBC Universal, Comcast was not forced to sell off any assets. It did agree, however, to give up NBC’s management role in Hulu, the premier online TV Web site, while retaining a financial stake.

I think everyone can agree, this vested interest had to divest iteself a little bit, at least spiritually.