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“Draw Something” with Ryan Seacrest, coming soon to CBS via @VentureBeat

Draw Something, the game that saved small studio OMGPOP and prompted a huge buyout from Zynga, is coming to CBS. Draw Something is the game in which you draw something and a friend guesses what it is. According to Variety, celebrities and everyday users will test their skills on live TV while audiences at home can join in to win prizes — including a chance to compete with the celebrities. A group including Sony and Ryan Seacrest is producing the show, but no date has yet been set for the first airing.

via venturebeat.com

Odd news in the conflagration-of-media category. First a Twitter Tv show (Shit Your Dad Says), and now a mobile game-inspired TV game show?

This signals bizarre things ahead.

Facebook iPad App to Launch at Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

The relationship between the two technology giants is warming up, however, thanks to the shared goal of beating Google — and the simple fact that Facebook and Apple may need each other. The former doesn’t have a mobile platform while Apple doesn’t have a social platform. The culmination of this renewed friendship: the launch of Facebook for iPad at Apple’s iPhone 5 media event.

At this event, our sources also expect Facebook to unveil a new version of Facebook for the iPhone, with design and speed improvements that mimic the iPad app.

Facebook has also been working on a project to bring the Facebook Platform to mobile devices. The project, labeled “Project Spartan” by some (a name not used internally at Facebook, according to one of our sources), is designed to be a platform where developers can bring their Facebook apps to mobile devices via an HTML5 platform.

What we’re hearing is that Apple is actually working with Facebook on perfecting the HTML5 platform. This could also launch at Apple’s upcoming iPhone event, though our sources wouldn’t commit to a specific launch date for the platform. Facebook decided not to launch it at f8, as it didn’t want to water down the announcement of the new Facebook Open Graph and Timeline.

When we said last week that Facebook would be profoundly changed, we weren’t just referring to the new Facebook Open Graph and the “frictionless sharing” touted by Mark Zuckerberg. We were also talking about its secretive effort to become a mobile platform for the social web. And thanks to Apple, it looks like that effort is about to come to fruition.

Godzilla vs. Megatron.

Sony admits utter PSN failure: Personal data stolen

Sony has finally come clean about the “external intrusion” that has caused the company to take down the PlayStation Network service, and the news is almost as bad as it can possibly get. The hackers have all your personal information, although Sony is still unsure about whether your credit card data is safe. Everything else on file when it comes to your account is in the hands of the hackers.

In other words, Sony’s security has failed in a spectacular fashion, and we’re just now finding out about it. In both practical and PR terms, this is a worst-case scenario.

What did they get?

Here is the data that Sony is sure has been compromised if you have a PlayStation Network Account:

  • Your name
  • Your address (city, state, and zip)
  • Country
  • E-mail address
  • Birthday
  • PSN password and login name

How long until a class action lawsuit, I wonder?

Nintendo Confirms Wii Successor. It’s On Sale In 2012.

Today in Japan, Nintendo confirmed the upcoming release of the Wii’s successor. The still-unnamed console will be revealed at this year’s E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles in June.

Better specs than Xbox or PS3, combining a touch and motion interface, and it’ll be on the market 2 full years before the other “next-next gen” consoles? Sounds like a winning strategy.

Fantastic Flash: Test Your Free Will In Depict1

It’s hard to write about what exactly makes Depict1 such a compelling flash game. The problem isn’t figuring out what makes the game compelling, but rather how to talk about it in a post without giving anything away. Maybe that’s what I can say was so striking about Depict1, the sense of true discovery from having no expectations for what types of challenges the game would throw at me. Yeah, let’s go with that. At least until you play the game yourself, and you’ll see there’s much more to it than that.

The ideas in the game may not be wholly original, the words of a certain underwater megalomaniac come to mind, but it’s how Depict1 presents those ideas that gives it its own flavor. At risk of giving too much away, it’s like a more subversive version of one of my other favorites, Tower of Heaven. It’ll only take about 10 or so minutes to play, but may stick with you much longer than that. I played it yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. So what are you waiting for, try it already. Don’t you trust me?

It’s like playing existential poetry. In fact, it’s the only Flash game I’ve played from start to finish.  This really is new media art.