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Final Version of Firefox for Mobile Now Available

If you own an Android or Maemo device, you can now grab the official Firefox 4 for Mobile browser. The official and final version was released Tuesday.

One of the most exciting features, and one that makes total sense for desktop Firefox users, is Sync. It allows the user to carry all of his or her bookmarks, browsing history, log-in credentials and even open tabs from the desktop to the mobile device. This kind of portability, where the devices become less important and the data lives outside them, is almost futuristic and a boon to anyone who needs or desires greater mobility in life and work.

All-platform device syncing is the wave of the future. It shouldn’t matter who my carrier is, what kind of operating system I like, which apps I’ve shared, or what wallpaper I’m using; it’s a major financial and logistical hassle, but big companies simply have to move towards this kind of open standards implementation.

I already use Firefox sync to keep my laptop, work computer, iPhone, and iPad all sync’d. I find it absurd Apple won’t let Firefox import my bookmarks into mobile Safari on the iPhone! I have sync, and you can use it as a portal to open bookmarks you have saved off-device, but there’s no way to save TO your firefox bookmark cloud, and even worse there’s no way to access them from within Safari.

With the release of Amazon’s Android-only music service, and now Firefox sync-enabled browsing, I’m beyond jealous of Android at the moment!