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Cheating and deception are at Reddit’s core, founder reveals via @VentureBeat

one other strategy proved crucial to Reddit’s early success, which most people are unaware of: The team submitted a ridiculous amount of content under fake user accounts to give the appearance of popularity. Yes, you read that right. Reddit — a site that values a fair and open democratic process  to determine worthy content and police itself — sleeps soundly on a bed of lies.

“When you would go to Reddit in the early days there would be tons of content,” Huffman said, explaining that the initial Reddit submission page contained only a “URL field” and “Title field” to plug in. Yet when logged in as an admin, a third field appeared that allowed the team to enter a custom user name that would automatically be registered for an account upon hitting submit. The fake user submissions, which were motivated by embarrassment over having an empty site, actually had a positive impact in a few different ways, he said.

via aaaaventurebeat.com


Obama: ‘We do not have time for this kind of silliness’

Declaring that he and the country have “better stuff to do” than fight about where he was born, President Obama on Wednesday morning released his long-form Hawaii birth certificate and asked that the “sideshows and carnival barkers” stop raising the issue.

Unfortunately, he apparently DOES have time to deal with this issue, which is just really, really sad statement about America. The GOP has done an incredible job during Obama’s presidency of stalling, distracting, and deflecting any substantiative issue of national policy, instead spending time on ploitical fluff like this.

The sad news, is just how terrible the other side of the aisle is, at doing the same.

Amazon Tells Labels Cloud Music Service Will Pay Off

It’s been two weeks since Amazon launched its cloud-based music service. And Amazon says it’s been a big success–for the music labels.

In a letter sent to the big labels, Amazon says it has been selling more MP3s since it launched the service. In other words: Stop whining about licensing deals and start thanking us for making you more money.

My first encounters with the service were definitely positive. But, where’s my iPhone version??

Netflix Teams Up With David Fincher & Kevin Spacey For Original Series – Deadline.com

Video streaming juggernaut Netflix is becoming an original programming player. In what is probably the biggest gamble in its 14-year history, I hear Netflix has outbid several major cable networks, including HBO and AMC, for  Media Rights Capital’s drama series House of Cards, executive produced and directed by David Fincher and exec produced by and starring Kevin Spacey.

Despite its dominant position in the movie-streaming business, Netflix, which was just upgraded to “buy” by Goldman Sachs, has been feeling the heat from new competition, including Amazon.com, which last month announced it was entering the subscription streaming-media business, and Facebook, which last week announced a deal with Warner Bros. to experiment with streaming the studio’s The Dark Knight directly through the social media service. In fact, on the day the Facebook/Warner Bros. deal was announced, Netflix’s shares fell 6%.

Let’s just hope they give the filmmakers more freedom than Amazon Studios!

Can’t wait to see what kind of deal they work out, especially in terms of syndication, residuals, divying up digital rights, etc. I’ll be watching this story closely, as it could have serious repercussions for the entertainment world.

If Netflix maintains some kind of quality standard and doesn’t turn to the tactics of poorer-produced networks than HBO, it could be a really interesting development for new format, quality American programming.

I Worked on the AOL Content Farm & It Changed My Life

AOL’s secret internal plan to ramp up its online content business was leaked today to New York business blog Business Insider and people are saying it’s got “content farm” written all over it. In-house writers are expected to write 5 to 10 blog posts per day and those stories are expected to go from an average of 1500 pageviews per post today to an amazing 7000 views per post in the future. How will stories be selected? The only thing that will matter, apparently, is search engine friendliness and monetization potential. That might sound terrible to outsiders, but having been there I want to say: Good luck AOL, I hope that strategy works wonderfully for you. I genuinely do.

I’m not sure why this surprises anyone. AOL was long ago bought out and gutted by ruthless corporate interests. SEO and low-hurdle content farm writing are the natural end-game moves of a struggling corporate behemoth that doesn’t really understand its market. The sad fact is there is a weird “beige market” created for this crap that no one wants, but still exists to farm mislabeled clicks and deceptive titles into pennies per transaction – yet pennies which, in scale, make billions.

DLD11: James Murdoch On The Daily, Paywalls, Google And Apple

How many journalists do you think you will need in the future?

Hopefully more. There needs to be an incentive to invest in journalism – I would say professional journalism is more important than ever.

It’s really the only way that you can have a true dialog in a democracy.

It will be very interesting to see exactly what kind of ‘journalism’ we find bundled into The Daily. Hopefully not the same kind of ‘journalism’ we see on Fox News.

In NBC Deal, Comcast Gives Up Management Role at Hulu – NYTimes.com

In its successful bid to acquire NBC Universal, Comcast was not forced to sell off any assets. It did agree, however, to give up NBC’s management role in Hulu, the premier online TV Web site, while retaining a financial stake.

I think everyone can agree, this vested interest had to divest iteself a little bit, at least spiritually.

F.C.C. Head Expected to Approve Comcast-NBC Deal – NYTimes.com

The Federal Communications Commission chairman, Julius Genachowski, signaled his approval of Comcast’s acquisition of NBC Universal on Thursday, but that approval will come with conditions.

Among the anticipated stipulations is that Comcast not withhold NBC programming from its competitors in the online video market and that it allow rival distributors to have reasonable access to NBC Universal programming.

How on earth the FCC thinks it’s going to be able to regulate the entire library of NBC content and separate that from the Comcast pipeline, esepcially when they’re already collaborating on content production, baffles me. Good luck, and thanks for approving the creation of the largest media organization ever!