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Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea – YouTube

This idea is simply genius. But what happens when some clever hoodlum covers up the milk QR code with a QR code linking you to his malware-ridden porn-serving wordpress blog? Or, even less intrusive but possibly more damaging, swaps it out for very expensive items, causing customers to scan the wrong items? Or even — pregnency tests?


I’m a fan of anything that looks like a mashup of Wall-E, Johnny 5, and a Segway, but I think this company is a little too optimistic about our ability to interface with 5-foot-tall robots.  If I was in a meeting with one of these things, I’d be oscillating between poking at it and wanting to break it in half.  Plus, I just don’t think I could stare into one’s eye bulbs as it delivered a speech without reverting to laughter, or trade business cards with it at a mixer.  The biggest hurdle I see is its inability to actually sign a document, probably the single most important purely physical function required in a business setting.

What do you think, could you work with someone you know via one of these proxy avatars?