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Apple’s press conference showed a brand unraveling

<blockquote class=’posterous_long_quote’><p>Last time Apple was without Jobs, it came out with a lineup of duds. Do you remember Apple’s digital cameras, speakers, or video game consoles? Or how about the company’s Newton PDA? While Apple was cranking out those dogs, Jobs came up with Next (later to become the foundation of OS X) and Pixar.</p><p>Today, we saw the first cracks in what will eventually become a wholesale break with the past.&nbsp; What happens next will depend largely on the company’s ability to lead itself now that its founding leader is gone.</p></blockquote>

Interesting take on the recent iPad release event. I find the branding of the iPad as “the New iPad” particularly bad design — when the next “new iPad” comes out, bloggers and forum posters will suddenly have no way to succinctly distinguish them. Forum posts regarding the 2012 model will likewise be instantly made outdated. There’s a certain psychological impact to buying the “new” product, but it seems outweighed by the absurdity of having an “old” product that’s been out for just one year.