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Fantastic Flash: Test Your Free Will In Depict1

It’s hard to write about what exactly makes Depict1 such a compelling flash game. The problem isn’t figuring out what makes the game compelling, but rather how to talk about it in a post without giving anything away. Maybe that’s what I can say was so striking about Depict1, the sense of true discovery from having no expectations for what types of challenges the game would throw at me. Yeah, let’s go with that. At least until you play the game yourself, and you’ll see there’s much more to it than that.

The ideas in the game may not be wholly original, the words of a certain underwater megalomaniac come to mind, but it’s how Depict1 presents those ideas that gives it its own flavor. At risk of giving too much away, it’s like a more subversive version of one of my other favorites, Tower of Heaven. It’ll only take about 10 or so minutes to play, but may stick with you much longer than that. I played it yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. So what are you waiting for, try it already. Don’t you trust me?

It’s like playing existential poetry. In fact, it’s the only Flash game I’ve played from start to finish.  This really is new media art.