News Corp. Donates $1 Million to G.O.P. Governors – Media Decoder Blog

The donation makes News Corporation the Republican group’s single “biggest corporate donor,” according to Bloomberg.

This large corporate donation to the G.O.P. underscores News Corp.’s role as an appendage of the Republican Party.

I’d really love to see the word “news” become a protected legal class again, like it was in the ’70′s. There’s just no way this isn’t propaganda. Same goes for MSNBC.

Lefty Startup Offers Free Apps for Democratic Candidates

free-apps.pngThe founders of Campaign Live want to level the playing field for political candidates running for state, county and local office – if those candidates are Democrats.

The month-old company has been offering Facebook, MySpace, Web and mobile Web apps for between $0 and $999, depending on a client’s ability to pay. But today Campaign Live announced a generous promotion: free apps for any Democratic candidate during election season between now and Nov. 2.

TwitterSays Prize Package!

Turning away from my normal subject matter, today I share with you epic geek-out style unboxing shots of the prize package I discovered in my snailmailbox this morning from Josh Peters, a social media surgical strike assassin and developer of the e-book “TwitterSays,” a unique project featuring the crowdsourced input of over a hundred distributed authors, driven by a retweet-style contest crossing the border between promotion and content-generation. Which, amazingly, I won. (I often bribe random number generators)

While I don’t normally post about myself, Josh’s project is a really creative re-imagining of the literature-writing process, and totally deserves some Medialogic screenspace; I just love the idea that I’m now a co-author with a hundred or so people I’ve never met irl, and yet all of whom obviously share so much in common.  Here’s to extending our capacity for communication with technology!

Below you’ll find terribly photographed book-unveiling glamour shots, the oh-so-exciting tweet informing me that I was the contest winner, and a link to the book itself. (If you download and enjoy it, please visit Josh’s site or let him know on Twitter)

Be sure to note the epic handwritten card I received from Josh – I didn’t even know those were still in print. So classy!

Thanks, Josh.

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Man Scrawls World’s Biggest Message With GPS ‘Pen’ | Gadget Lab |

How appropriate that an author advocating the power of individuals to effect change when committed and empowered, is represented by a lone man driving across the country (semi-aimlessly) with a single-minded purpose. I’m not a huge Ayn fan, but I respect the effort.

I find myself wondering what format other famous authors’ messages would take. The Marxist crowdsourcing photomosaic? The Kafkian rotoscope abstraction? A Borges mashup of Life In a Day-style parallel narratives? The possibilities are endless.

Fantastic Flash: Test Your Free Will In Depict1

It’s hard to write about what exactly makes Depict1 such a compelling flash game. The problem isn’t figuring out what makes the game compelling, but rather how to talk about it in a post without giving anything away. Maybe that’s what I can say was so striking about Depict1, the sense of true discovery from having no expectations for what types of challenges the game would throw at me. Yeah, let’s go with that. At least until you play the game yourself, and you’ll see there’s much more to it than that.

The ideas in the game may not be wholly original, the words of a certain underwater megalomaniac come to mind, but it’s how Depict1 presents those ideas that gives it its own flavor. At risk of giving too much away, it’s like a more subversive version of one of my other favorites, Tower of Heaven. It’ll only take about 10 or so minutes to play, but may stick with you much longer than that. I played it yesterday and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. So what are you waiting for, try it already. Don’t you trust me?

It’s like playing existential poetry. In fact, it’s the only Flash game I’ve played from start to finish.  This really is new media art.

New Things Outnumber New People on the Web

The nation’s two largest carriers added more connected devices last quarter than postpaid subscriptions, according to data released this morning by Chetan Sharma, a wireless analyst. Carriers added 2.6 million connected devices and 1.2 million contract customers. In his quarterly update, Sharma noted that wireless penetration in the U.S. reached 95 percent and surpassed 100 percent if one takes out children younger than five. While there are only 20 million connected devices out of 311.3 million subscriptions, the devices are where the growth is.

Surely the impending robot-driven biopocalypse must not be far behind.

I’m still trying to grasp how wireless penetration surpassed 100 percent…

First Trojan Hits Android Phones

The malware works by posing as a media player app. Once the app is installed on the mobile device, the trojan begins to send SMS messages to premium rate numbers without the device owner’s knowledge. Since the trojan’s creators are usually the ones on the other end of those premium numbers, they end up profiting from the scam.

Pretty clever. Fortunately, the app isn’t available in the publuic app store (you have to manually click it off a supporting malicious website) and sports the flag-raising name “Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”

Interesting to see viruses migrate quite easily to our mobile devices, and makes me think viruses are a natural byproduct of social computing. Let’s hope things don’t get too haywire once we integrate machine parts more pervasively into our bodies.

How News Consumption is Shifting to the Personalized Social News Stream

The social network of a reader is quickly becoming their personalized news wire. That’s because in the last five years, a revolutionary shift has taken place in the way we consume news. We have gone from consuming news through traditional media and news websites to having the news broadcast to us by our social network of friends. In fact, 75% of news consumed online is through shared news from social networking sites or e-mail. Social news is finding us.


Palin pushes back on video of testy exchange – Yahoo! News

The queen bee of media spin can’t quite spin herself a new set of clothes, when confronted with an old constituent who can see through her invisible costume. Just watch her try to articulate what she’s trying to do for America…

Videos like this, where a famous media personality clearly demonstrates their inability to explain themselves or their policies to average folks, just totally shock me. It makes me think there’s a list of “Emergency Buzzwords To Fall Back On In Case Someone Asks You A Question”. Watch closely; you can see Palin trying to remember them, but she can only seem to come up with two, which she stammers over and over again… “Constitution” and “America”.

Zing: Too bad she seems to have no understanding of what either of them stand for!