Siri’s Data Conundrum: Dueling opinions from The Washington Post, GigaOm

Cell and data networks are like any common resource; they have limits. And once they hit their limit, regardless of which group is using its share and then some, there’s no more to go around.

This means that Siri’s data-hogging ways are a problem for more than just those willing to foot the bill. As networks become congested, everyone’s service deteriorates. Private desire becomes a public issue. Calls are dropped or never completed; Internet access slows. First-class airline passengers don’t really compromise service for those in coach. But bandwidth hogs do.

Other than Siri’s incessant “Sorry, I can’t connect to the network right now.” these concerns seem a little overblown, at least in early 2012.

In fact, much of his premise – that nothing can be done about it – was easily refuted almost completely by a subsequent GigaOm posting, which clearly laid out some very serious flaws in the author’s argument.

But I take the author’s point – how long can we expect to keep driving up the very upper end of data consumption for the tech savvy, while not increasing costs for everyone across the board?

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