Why the GOP’s Mission is to Un-elect Obama: Racism, Pure and Simple [Graph]

despite the Obama administration’s race neutral agenda over the last three years, four nationally representative surveys conducted in the last nine months—two by YouGov and two commissioned by the American National Election Study—suggest that racial resentment will be just as strong, if not a stronger, determinant of opposition to Obama in 2012.  Indeed, the figure below shows that the most racially resentful were roughly 70 percentage points less supportive of Obama’s reelection than racially sympathetic whites, even after controlling for the fact that Republicans and conservatives are more likely to score high on racial resentment in the first place. 


When has a party ever made it’s goal so personal, so vitriolic, as to completely ignore substantial issues and focus on cosmetic peripherals? I’ve said from the beginning, there is no other explanation for the way Obama is treated, than his race. An equally qualified, well-spoken, idealistic white guy (maybe even a white woman) wouldn’t get the kind of gutter talk he’s dealt with for years.

But I guess that’s the point — I firmly believe his position as somewhat of an outsider, in terms of status, privelage, beliefs, and yes, race – position him as the ideal man to turn this boat around, and get things changed for the better.


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