Facebook Just Schooled The Internet.

ll we’ve heard about in the blogosphere the past few months is how Google+ could take down Facebook. How Google actually did something halfway decent in the social space — watch out Facebook! And look — now Facebook is even copying them!


I have no doubt that some of Facebook’s little moves over the past few months have been in reaction to Google+. But focusing on that is silly. Those are tiny features compared to what Facebook just unveiled today. They weren’t even worthy of being on stage at f8.

While Google was busy rushing to get a social network that could compete with Facebook out the door, Facebook was thinking about the next phase of social networking. They were building the next Facebook! Google+ does compete with Facebook — the old Facebook. It does not compete with what Facebook launched today.

He’s right – the Timeline changes are revolutionary and game-changing. But, it doesn’t change the fact that Facebook is still fundamentally at opposition with users’ desires to control their own information. Facebook paints a pretty picture, but we also haven’t seen any of the truly terrifying privacy-enabled fiascos that Facebook is flirting with come to fruition.

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