YouTube embraces Google+ Hangouts for live streaming

YouTube is closely integrating Google’s Hangouts group video chat platform with its live streaming in an effort to make video watching more social. The site has already quietly begun to make live video feeds available to Hangouts users, and it will eventually add tools to improve discovery of live streams both within Hangouts and on, I was told by YouTube Live Product Manager Brandon Badger this week.

Hangouts has been joined at the hip with YouTube ever since the chat platform launched as part of Google+ at the end of June. Hangouts users can launch YouTube videos from within the group video chat, and up to ten participants can watch the same video simultaneously.

I’m really excited for this feature. I’m not sure exactly when live video chatting will take off for the mainstream, but sharing neat videos with friends, briefly, is definitely a best-use case scenario for the short term early adopters. When was the last time you made a FaceTime call? OK, when was the last time you shared a video with a friend? Mmhmm.

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