Facebook To Launch Music Service With Spotify via @Forbes

Facebook has partnered with Spotify on a music-streaming service that could be launched in as little as two weeks, sources close to the deal have told Forbes.

The integrated service is currently going through testing, but when launched, Facebook users will see a Spotify icon appear on the left side of their newsfeed, along with the usual icons for photos and events.

Clicking on the Spotify icon will install the service on their desktop in the background, and also allow users to play from Spotify’s library of millions of songs through Facebook. The service will include a function that lets Facebook users listen to music simultaneously with their friends over the social network, one of the sources said.

Amazing that after all of Spotify’s positive press and US citizens clamoring to use the service, they still have to bootstrap themselves into business over here in the states using Facebook as a ladder. I don’t understand how this gets around the legal problems that prevented them from setting up shop here in the first place, but I guess Facebook is being recognized as the cash mule it is in media conglomerate circles. Maybe they just decided the money was too good.

Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy what the rest of the world has used to find new music for years, soon.

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