GOP Rep. Bob Inglis Slams His Party On Climate Change (VIDEO)

Sadly, HuffPo didn’t reprint one of the most important lines of his very calm, well-argued, speech: “We have some real choices ahead of us. I hope in the future, as we have these hearings, they realize, it’s all on the record. And our grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, can hear… The key to scientific endeavor is what we’re here to discuss today, openness, access to the data, and full challenging of the data, that’s how we advance science.”

It’s honest, well-intentioned republicans like this that keep me independent, when the absurd fantasy world of GOP life as constructed by the likes of Glenn Beck and Anne Coulter, would send me spinning off into a liberal hysteria. Here’s one citizen’s vote for well-reasoned, honest, debate, and the benefits that can come from government transparency.

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