Apple Briefly Approves DOS Emulator for iPhone and iPad

A new iOS app called iDOS runs programs originally written for the old Microsoft DOS operating system from the 80s and 90s, including thousands of classic PC games and early versions of Microsoft Windows. The powerful app was approved by Apple late Monday night but it was just pulled from the app store — tragic, since it’s a vision of just how awesome a DOS emulator could be on the iPhone (iPhone) or iPad.

What the logic here? Sure, Apple wants to compete with Microsoft in every way it can – but does that seriously include fighting some decades old war with DOS? It’s time for Apple to realize freedom is the name of the game these days; fine, keep our porn, keep our wifi tethering, keep our coverage absurdly low – but don’t take away my fucking 8-bit DOS games.

What’s the upside to not allowing customers to play with an emulator? Making them too happy? It’s probably just the fact that the emulator didn’t hook into its new ad-supported Game Prison, or whatever it’s called.

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