Google TV Growing Pains: Networks Block Web TV Shows | Epicenter |

“The networks aren’t blocking Google TV because it’s Google. They are blocking Google TV because it is putting a web TV show, with web TV show economics, on a TV, which would be incredibly disruptive to their business,” Learnmonth writes. “The reason the networks are blocking Google TV and Boxee (and Hulu is still PC-only) is about ad revenue: they don’t get enough of it from the web. And letting you watch “Glee” on your TV, but via the web and Google TV, means substituting high broadcast revenue for lower digital revenue.”

I’m afraid TV networks are heading down the same worn-out path the music labels took: denying your customers access to the information they want, when they want it, is a recipe for creating an entirely new industry, that excludes you from the equation.

Beware networks; people love Google way more than they love you.

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