Viral Videos and Flickr Photos Could Help You Circumvent Censorship

A group of researchers at Georgia Tech may have an answer to the epidemic of government censorship we’ve seen marring communications in many international spheres of late: a system they’re calling “Collage” that will allow people to hide messages in user-generated content, to be disseminated via platforms like Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. That’s right, Keyboard Cat could become a harbinger of covert news.

So how does this process work? Sam Burnett, one of the researchers involved in the project, described the system to us in layman’s terms: “Someone uploads pictures containing hidden messages to Flickr (), then someone else comes along and downloads them and decodes the message.

NCIS beat them to it by about 6 years. Still, this technology is really exciting, if for no other reason than the eventual arms-race that will follow as governments attemnpt to crack down on these encoders, is that the populace will always in. In an environment like the Internet that allows content creation in un-indexed sites, it would be an impossible task for censorship officials to find and delete every site without turning off the whole internet.

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