TwitterSays Prize Package!

Turning away from my normal subject matter, today I share with you epic geek-out style unboxing shots of the prize package I discovered in my snailmailbox this morning from Josh Peters, a social media surgical strike assassin and developer of the e-book “TwitterSays,” a unique project featuring the crowdsourced input of over a hundred distributed authors, driven by a retweet-style contest crossing the border between promotion and content-generation. Which, amazingly, I won. (I often bribe random number generators)

While I don’t normally post about myself, Josh’s project is a really creative re-imagining of the literature-writing process, and totally deserves some Medialogic screenspace; I just love the idea that I’m now a co-author with a hundred or so people I’ve never met irl, and yet all of whom obviously share so much in common.  Here’s to extending our capacity for communication with technology!

Below you’ll find terribly photographed book-unveiling glamour shots, the oh-so-exciting tweet informing me that I was the contest winner, and a link to the book itself. (If you download and enjoy it, please visit Josh’s site or let him know on Twitter)

Be sure to note the epic handwritten card I received from Josh – I didn’t even know those were still in print. So classy!

Thanks, Josh.

[An html link to an embed of the same media, which appears to be broken on posterous:]

2 thoughts on “TwitterSays Prize Package!”

  1. Hey Jared, thanks so much for your help on TwittFaced. Without people like yourself it couldn’t have been created. Hope you enjoy the books and that you’ll participate with the next Twittfaced (when ever I get around to organizing it that is).Josh

  2. Honestly, it was one of the more fun ongoing twitter conversations I’ve been involved in. That’s the power of this model – it’s driven by inspiration, and a desire to genuinely share with others. Looking forwards to the next installment! (Who are those random people posting in my TweedtDeck "#TwitterSays" column these days?)

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