Google Outs Google Drive On Its French Blog: Here Are All The Details | TechCrunch

Update: Google Drive is now live.

Assuming the post is genuine – and we have no reason to believe it is not – here is what we now know about Google Drive:

  • as expected, users will get 5GB of free storage space
  • additional space can be bought, of course, starting at 20GB for $4/month
  • Google Drive will be deeply integrated into Google Docs. Indeed, Google calls it the “next evolution” of Google Docs.
  • the web-based file viewer will be able to handle 30 file types, including Photoshop, Illustrator and HD video
  • PC, Mac and Android apps will launch today. An iOS app will launch in the coming weeks.
  • Google promises a 99.9% uptime
  • there will be a focus on search, including some support for OCR and image recognition

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